Percy jackson oneshots

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57. Preference First Date

Percy: ok I know this is cliche especially for a son of Posideon but he took you to the aquarium. Not for himself but to watch you. He loved just standing behind you watching the awestruck look of wonder on your face as you watched this new blue world unfold before you.

Jason: He took you out into the middle of nowhere. He laid a blanket out in an open field and watched the stars. You both pointed out your favorite constellations and ate snacks the whole night.

Leo: He took you to bunker 9. You spent the whole day working on a broken car he found outside the camp limits. You spent a lot of time goofing off thought, you both ended up with more oil on each other than in the car.

Frank: He took you too this little dance studio in New York. You learn to waltz together and grabbed a pizza to split afterwards.

Nico: Odd enough he cooked for you. He cooked some of his favorite Italian foods. Surprisingly it was reeeeeealy good. After that you just watched movies for hours.

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