Percy jackson oneshots

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5. Piper McLean

You had always had a crush on Piper ever since you first saw her. You were not sure if it was because she was an Aphrodite camper or not but she was just all you wanted. So when you heard that she had broken up with Jason you were thrilled. Yeah yeah it was sad and all but that meant you actually had a chance with her now.

You were walking to the dinning pavilion when you saw some other campers flirting with her. She looked really uncomfortable with him flirting with her so you decided to step in.

"Hey dude look she's just not that into you ok so why don't you leave her alone." He looked at you with an annoyed expression.

"Why don't you make me?" Then you lost it. You punched him strait in the face making him fall back and Piper yelped. He threw a punch and hit you in the jaw. You gave him a deadly smirk  and he ran away to afraid to fight you when you starred at him like that. Piper smiled at you as you walked to the infirmary. He hit you pretty good because there was a decent sized cut bleeding at your jaw line. Will solace was busy so you fixed it up yourself. Piper walked in smiling at you.

"Thanks. For you know saving me back there." You simply nodded trying not to blush as she stepped closer to you. She leaned really close to your face and connected your lips just gently brushing hers on yours as if asking for permission. You kissed back cupping her cheeks. She smiled against your lips and you pulled away.

"I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go out sometime?" You said quickly. She nodded and giggled at your bright red face.

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