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2. Percy Jackson

Percy was you best friend he told you everything including his break up with Annabeth. You sat on the beach with him as he cried into you shoulder. "(Y/n) I don't know what do do anymore." He whispered. You sat there anger boiling up in you it made you really mad when people hurt your friends. Especially to the point of tears. But you pushed your anger aside and held him close to you trying to comfort him.

"Hey your Percy Jackson you destroyed Gaea and Kronos you can get any girl you want. All the girls in camp swoon over you." You say punching him solely on the arm. You both looked up at the sky as you tried to think of something that would cheer him up. You turned your head to him to say something when you looked into his bright sea green eyes. You were caught in his gaze as he looked into your eyes. That's when it happened your lips touched his and you could feel the warmth of his lips against your cold ones.

"I love you (y/n)." He whispered into your ear. You suddenly broke the kiss to breathe. As you licked your lips you tasted sea salt and honey. You smiled softly as you ran your hands through his hair.

Time skip

You walked out of your cabin ready to meet Percy for breakfast when you saw them. Annabeth was with Percy they kissed sending tears down your cheeks. Percy saw you go the other way toward the forest and went after you. You got very deep into the forest before he caught up to you. He grabbed your arm but you yanked your wrist from his hand. You hit him numerous times in the chest but it didn't hurt him at all. "(Y/n) would you please just listen to me." He said softly.

"Why should I! I trusted you I actually let myself like you no love you!" Tears rolled down your cheeks. "So why don't you just go back to your precious Annabeth!" You spat.

He gave you a murderous stare. "Don't you ever say that I love you and only you." He put his hand on you shoulders. He lifted your chin up to meet his face. He kissed you softly but it became more intimate as he pulled you close to him. You broke the kiss to catch you breath and you hugged him.

"I love you." You said softly in to his ear.

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