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44. Percy Jackson Soulmate Au

Percy couldn't believe it. He saw Annabeth's tattoo, didn't match his. They ended up breaking up after that because what was the point?They wouldn't be together anyway. He stared at the tattoo on his calf as he sat on his bunk in sad silence for weeks on end after that.(The tattoo above) Then you came along. You took the sad lump of sadness that was Percy and became a friend. Well I guess more than a friend more like a best friend. You two were so close yet you never showed Percy your tattoo because it wasn't important or so you thought. One day you saw Percy wearing shorts and his tattoo was showing. Your eyes bulged out as you put a hand on your upper back.

"(Y/n) is everything ok?"

You nodded sheepishly. "I-I-I have something to show you something." You pulled the back of your shirt down showing off the same tattoo he did. He touched your tattoo just to make sure it was real. You shivered under his touch your heart pounding afraid of what he would think. He suddenly turned you around so that you were facing his and he smiled. He suddenly hugged you spinning your smaller form through the air. "So........Your. My soulmate (y/n)?"

You nodded hugging him tightly. "I-I-I'm glad. I'm glad it's you."

"So am I Percy."

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