Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


6. Percy Jackson 7 min. in heaven

You had been dragged to a party by Annabeth. It was in the Poseidon cabin go figure. Annabeth knew about your crush on Percy. (Oh btw percy and Annabeth are just friends) when you walked in they were all sitting in a circle. "W-w-what are you guys doing." You asked cautiously. Annabeth had a sly smile on her face as Leo answered your question.

"Come sit down (y/n) we are playing 7 minutes in heaven." Leo wiggled his eyebrows at you then looked a Percy.

You started to blush sitting down. "Let's let (y/n) go first" Leo suggested.  You rolled your eyes putting your hand in the bowl. From what you felt it was just a bunch of slips of paper so you randomly pulled one out. The slip of paper was sea green like Percy's eyes. Once everyone saw it they started letting out whistles and catcalls as you and Percy got in the closet. Percy went in first and then everyone else pushed you in and you landed on top of Percy's lap. You blushed but thankfully it was too dark for him to see that. The closet was too small for you to sit side by side so you were stuck on his lap. You started to shift trying it get comfortable when a pipe in one of the walls exploded getting you soaking wet. Once he fixed the pipe he started apologizing over and over. He kept apologizing and there was only one thing you could think of to shut him up. You pressed your lips on his. He instantly kissed you back wrapping his arms around your waist.

"I've been wanting to do that for so long." He whispered in your ear making you laugh. His face got really serious "(y/n) I've liked you for a long time now and you probably don't see me that way but maybe just maybe would you go out with me? This Saturday eight o'clock?" Before you could answer the closet was filled with light making you squint. Once you were out of the closet you walked over to Percy you leaned over to his ear "I'd love too." You said walking out of his cabin.

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