Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


30. Octavian

You had a really rough day today. Why did camp Jupiter have to be so up tight. You trained All. Day. Long. You sat at dinner about to let your face fall into your mashed potatoes. Someone bumped into your back waking you up a bit. You walked away from dinner to tired to eat. You walked all the way to where Octavian was. Octavian was your boyfriend. He knelt at his altar staring into wads of stuffing. You sat on the ground and leaned into his side snuggling into the warmth of his augur robe. He peeked over at you and smiled as you snored softly. He blushed putting an arm around you. "(Y/n)?"

"Hm." You replied not daring to open your eyes. You lifted your head up eyes still closed and puckered up your lips. He kissed them softly.

"Goodnight (y/n) I love you."

"Love you too sweetheart." You mumbled

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