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52. Nico Di'Angelo

"I never actually liked you I was just using you to get ahead in life." You said with a cruel smile.

Nico looked at you with tears in his eyes shaking his head. He knew not to trust you after that.

------------months later-------

"Hey neeks can you go see if there are any kids in the (g/p) cabin and ask if one of them can come down to the sword arena." Percy shouted. Nico went on silently with a nod.

As Nico went along he heard sobs from your cabin you were alone in there crying in front of an iris message to your best friend.

"Why don't you tell him the truth? We both know you miss Nico. Why did you make him hate you anyway?" (B/f) asked.

"I didn't deserve someone as nice, and kind, and smart as him. He so good and I'm so.........bad. I was so afraid that he would get hurt. And I did. I hurt him." Nico's anger was boiling. He pushed the door open and began to yell as you swiped away the iris message.

"Why? Why did you have to make me hate you that's not fair! All I wanted was for you to be my friend to be there!" Tears now stung his eyes and he muttered in a a sour tone "oh by the way Percy wanted you in the sword arena." He then stormed out of the cabin leaving you speechless.


A day or so has past and it was currently dinner time. You had abandoned your cabins table and sat at the hades table beside Nico. You didn't look at him but kept your eyes on the table in front of you. "I'm sorry." You uttered sheepishly. You could feel him glare a hole through your head.

You did this everyday and after a while you nudged him like you used to when you were friends.


Today you had sat down at the table beside Nico but this time you looked at him straight in the eyes. "I-I'm sorry." You said quietly. It was silent for a while so you nudged him. After a couple of minutes you felt him nudge you back. Little did you know he was smiling.


You had decided to prank Jason. First of all bad idea. Now you were stuck in a tree and couldn't get down. Luckily Nico was walking by as you were screaming. "NICO! NICO HELP IM STUCK!" You were shaking afraid of falling. You slipped and down you went grasping the air. Then as you readied yourself for the fall but it never came. You were shaking so bad as you opened your eyes and you realized that he had caught you.

You were so scared you couldn't stand on your own so he carried you all the way to your cabin. "T-t-thanks neeks." You said weakly.

You weren't really paying attention as you kissed his cheeks and walked into your cabin leaving Nico bright red and a bit confused.

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