Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


1. Nico Di'Angelo

F/b/d = favorite breed of dog

You made a big mistake. You decided to prank the heticate cabin. Yeah never prank the cabin with magic. Next thing you knew you woke up in a dogs body. You let out a surprised bark. You were currently a (f/b/d). You barked not being able to get out of your cabin. Stupid dogs and no opposable thumbs. Apparently Nico heard you and opened the door. He was surprised when he saw you laying on the floor.

"Hey there. Little guy?" He sat on the bed patting the spot beside him waiting for you to come up and sit. You did jumping up onto your bed. He pet your fur and scratched behind your ears. "You wouldn't happen to know where (y/n) would be would you?" He said not thinking you could actually understand him. You got up on his lap licking his face. He laughed which surprised you. It was very rare that your boyfriend laughed. Unless he was with you. He wrapped his arms around you pulling you into a hug. All of a sudden Percy walked in clapping his hands. He shook his head laughing.

"You do know that's (y/n) right? She pranked the heticate cabin." He said

Nico looked at you raising an eyebrow.

*an hour or two later*

You had finally turned back into a human again. You sat on your bed thinking to yourself. Nico walked in smirking at you. "You know you do make a pretty cute dog." He said making you laugh. You kissed him on the cheek before leaning your head on his shoulder. You laid on your bed next to him snuggling real close.

"I love you Nico."

"Love you too (y/n)"

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