Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


16. Nico Di'Angelo Valentine's Day special

You sat down just as the movie had started pulled a blanket over the two of you and snuggled into his side. Nico wrapped an arm around you and smiled eating some chocolates. You both got bored half way through and decided not to finish it and just decided to talk the rest of the night. You currently had more chocolate than you knew what to do with so you shared them with your boyfriend Nico. First you played truth or dare then some board games. You kissed him softly but soon it became more passionate. He wrapped his arms around your waist and yours went around his neck. He licked your bottom lip asking for permission. You opened your mouth letting him explorer every nook and cranny of your mouth. The kisses soon moved down your face from your nose to your eyelids to your cheeks to your jaw line and down your neck. You shuddered under his cool touch and he smirked against your neck. You laid your head against his chest and let yourself drift off to sleep as Nico murmured I love yous in your ear in Italian .

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