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48. Nico Di'Angelo soulmate au

You were a rouge demigod of sorts. You stayed out in the streets fending for yourself. Tonight you were in a club hunting down some monsters. You wore a revealing (f/c) shirt that dipped down in the back showing off your tattoo on the back of your shoulder.

You swung your (w/c) forcing the most to bend to your will do the mortals wouldn't see it. Then you saw him. You thought he was a monster.

You cornered him into a broom closet. You began to attack the 'monster' his black shaggy hair dancing as he moved.

You had managed to pin him down. He turned his head to the side and you saw the tattoo on the side of his neck. "T-t-that's impossible." You murmured more to yourself than to him. He noticed your tattoo also.

"What two demigods being soulmates no it's not." He said in a snarky tone as he dusted himself off. You blushed realizing your mistake but said nothing about thinking he was a monster of course.

--------time skipity skip mabober--------

It's been months now and you had learned your soulmates name was Nico diAngelo and he was the son of hades and was in fact not a monster in disguise.

He kissed your cheek and sat down beside you as you read your favorite book.

"Hey beautiful." He murmured.

"Hey handsome." You thought for a while and chuckled to yourself.


"I just can't believe that I was lucky enough to find a soulmate like you."

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