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29. Nico Di'Angelo pt 3

You kissed him softly on the lips and slipped out the window and out of camp.

*two weeks later.*

It was late at night and you sat in an alley. Tears stung your eyes as you thought about Nico. You had grown a small crush on the son of hades but you knew after the stunt you pulled he probably hated you now. You missed him that was the only thing you missed from that camp. You got up from the alley and walked along the streets of New York. You 'bumped' into people pick pocketing the faster than you can say conned. You decided to bump into one more person before you stopped for the night. You picked his pocket and looked at what you had taken. It was a silver skull ring. Your breath got caught in your throat as you looked around but the man was gone. You quickly turned the corner but was slammed into the brick wall of the building. There wasn't any cars here and the street light had gone out. Nico had you pinned there against the wall. You could have sworn you saw tears in his eyes as he looked at you. He pulled you into a hug. You both started crying on each other's shoulders. You pulled back smiling at him. You didn't even have to say anything you both just had this understanding of how much you missed each other. You leaned over to him slowly placing a ghost of a kiss on his lips. He kissed back and the kiss was filled with passion and longing. You both pulled away gasping for air.

"I-I-I'll stay but only for you."

He gave you a small smile and kissed you on the cheek. He grabbed your hand pulling you into the nearest shadow and then there you were in his cabin.

"I love you."

"I love you too."you

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