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27. Nico Di'Angelo pt 2

Hey guys remember the chapter where you were a thief? Well I said I might make a part 2 and here it is! After all the procrastination and lack of time I finally got some time to do it hope you like it.

You had stepped you your game. You found this summer camp outside of New York and snuck in at night stealing items from one cabin per night. You had started a few weeks ago. You even had a reputation as the shadow thief among the campers. Tonight you stood in front of the cabin with a big 13 at the top. You picked the lock on the door and quietly walked in. You started rummaging through drawers and the closet. Then you saw something glint out of the corner of your eye. You looked on a dresser on the room and saw a silver skull ring. The same one you tried to steal a few weeks ago. "Oh sh-"

"You really thought no one would notice your pattern." You turned around sitting on the edge of the bed was Nico Di'Angelo the kid you tried to steal the ring from. Your stomach turned to lead. "Now tell me how does a mortal master thief such as yourself get into a camp like this?" He said walking toward you. A bright orange light shone above your head. You looked up to see Hermes staph with the snakes on it floating above your head.

*a few weeks later*

You had given back all the stuff you had stolen (more like Nico made you) You and Nico had become pretty close. He had explained everything pertaining to your godly parent and what camp half blood was all about. You stopped stealing (mostly). But you couldn't stay. Not there it just didn't feel like home as much as the streets of New York did. You liked being in the forges with the hesphestus campers so that's were you spent most of your time. You snuck into Nico's cabin one night you set a note on the dresser that said:

Dear Nico,

I'm sorry but I can't stay not here. It's just not my home. I wish you well and I hope I see you soon until then,


You set a golden skull ring on top of the note. You looked over at Nico seeing how he slept so peacefully. You walked over to him and whispered more to yourself than him. "I hope you'll understand...... Goodbye Nico." You kissed him softly on the lips and slipped out the window and out of camp.

Do you guys want a part 3?

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