Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


7. Nico Di'Angelo pt 1

You were a thief. You spent your days pickpocketing the pockets of strangers. You had just picked and old ladies pocket and had gotten away will fifty dollars in cash and a gold pocket watch. That's when you saw him the perfect target. A pale boy with black hair and even darker obsidian eyes. He wore a big aviators jacket with even bigger pockets there had to be something good there. You didn't have a preference about him sure he was cute and probably was really nice but you needed the money more. You walked with your head low beside him. He hadn't seemed to have noticed you so far. You had started to reach for his pocket when he turned a street corner sitting down on a one person bench. You mentally cursed you slow reaction and followed him. You wouldn't give up that easily. Being the super sneak you were you snuck up beside him digging through his pocket. You pulled out a silver skull ring and his wallet. You pulled your hand away looking up at him to notice him watching you intently. Your breath got caught in your throat as you starred into his dark eyes. Then you ran. Of course the guy ran after you down long streets and alleyways. You hopped a fence into an alley only for it to be a dead end. He hopped the fence after you not to amused. He pinned your arms above your head. You panicked big time. He reached into your pockets grabbing his wallet and skull ring. "You could have just asked." He whispered in your ear handing you a small wad of cash from his wallet.

You had finally gained your voice back.

"Are you gonna turn me in?" You asked he simply nodded his head no. "I'm (y/n) by the way. You are?"

"I'm Nico. Nico DiAngelo." Was all he said before walking out of the dark alley leaving you smiling after him.

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