Percy jackson oneshots

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11. Nico Di'Angelo 7 min in heaven

Ok hey guys for this one where demigods can use phones.

You were hiking through the woods at camp when Nico suddenly burst from the shadows making you scream.

"(Y/n) I need you! TheguysaremakingmegotothispartyandIcantgowithoutyou." He said so quickly you barely understood what he said but decided to agree anyway.

"Fine." you said as he pulled you into the shadows. When you opened your eyes you were in the Posideon cabin surrounded by all your friends who were laughing as you held on to Nico for dear life. First you guys played twister, then had some snacks, and then Leo came up with the bright idea of playing 7 minutes in heaven. You all put in an object and you decided to put in your earbuds. They passed the hats round to the other guys and finally to Nico. He reached in and pulled out your earbuds. The room was suddenly quiet. You could see a faint blush dusting his cheeks as he walked to the closet. He handed you your earbuds once you were inside. He turned in his phone lighting up the closet. He plugged in your earbuds smiling "let's listen to some music." He said playing (f/s). You looked over at him and then you realized how close you two really were. Your lips were inches apart. Then he cupped you cheek and leaned in brushing his lips against yours. You smiled as you wrapped your arms around him. "I love you."

"Love you too."

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