Percy jackson oneshots

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22. Neko!Nico Di'Angelo

You had just finished up training when you noticed everyone laughing and pointing at something. You followed their fingers and saw it was Nico. He had his hood up and had just slipped through the door of your cabin. You didn't really mind for 1. He was your best friend and 2. You had the cabin all to yourself for the time being.

You walked into your cabin to investigate but when you got in he wasn't there. You checked the bathroom the closet but he was nowhere to be found. Then you heard a slight shuffling from under the bed. You got on the floor and looked under the bed and surely there he was. He was curled up in a ball hands on top of his head and tears had been running down his cheeks. "Nico why don't you come on out and we can talk ok?" No answer. "Nico." You pouted. You sighed before cracking your knuckles. You grabbed his foot and pulled with all your strength. He screamed and reached for everything and anything he could find to keep you from pulling him out from under the bed but no such luck for the son of hades. You sat across from your friend and looked him straight in the eye giving him just the smallest shyest smile you could. "It can't be that bad." You stated finally getting him to remove his hands from his head. Two fluffy black cat ears sprang up from his head and you noticed a faint blush tinting his cheeks. Then you noticed the tail curling around his body from his back side. He avoided eye contact with you as he spoke up.

"The stolls. Those stupid Hermes campers pulled a prank and it went wrong." You chuckled kissing him lightly on the nose.

"I think you look cute." You said touching his soft fluffy ears. "I know it will be a bit embarrassing so you just wanna stay here for a bit till they go away?" He nodded as you put on a movie. You spent the rest of the night eating candy and watching movies till you fell asleep.

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