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35. Luke Castellan

We could live happily just you and me." Luke pleaded.

You twisted the golden skull ring your father hades gave you. You didn't know what to do what would everyone at camp think? You nodded smiling at him. He took you by the hand and kissed you cupping your cheek with his other hand. He pulled away smiling at you. You giggled as you had always loved his smile. "We're going to do it. With you by my side the gods are as good as dead. (Y/n) you don't know how much this means to me, how much you mean to me." You smiled as you both walked away to wherever Luke took you next.

-------------------------The battle-----

Demi-gods and monsters clashed as the rest of New York lay still as if asleep with the mortals. You had been separated from Luke and we're starting to worry. Then somebody caught your eye. Annabeth was looking at you she shook her head shame clearly in her eyes. She ran to you raising her sword. "How could you!? You betrayed us       (y/n)."

Venom came through your words as you spoke. "Like you ever cared. Nobody ever cared everyone was scared of me or hated me. The only one that cared was Luke, he's the only one that cares."

"Have you seen Luke lately he's gone Kronos is all that's there." You felt a literal stab of pain and you looked down seeing the blade of a sword protruding from your stomach. Tears filled your eyes as you fell to the ground.

------------------Luke's POV------------

We looked over the battle as demigods were dying. Then I saw (y/n) she was facing Annabeth and some stupid demigod came up and stabbed her in the back. I regained control over Kronos somehow and I screamed as she hit the ground. I ran to her side dropping beside her as she struggled to breathe. "L-l-Luke." She breathed out

"I love you (y/n). Don't forget that ok." She nodded pulling me in for a kiss. She pulled away as her eyes glazed over and she died starring up at the sky.

I let go of her hand standing up and I pulled out my sword.  This is for           (y/n). Then Kronos took over again.

There will be a second part where you choose him instead

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