Percy jackson oneshots

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24. Luke Castellan

This takes place right after the Lightning thief.

You couldn't believe it. Your best friend Luke was a traitor. Tears filled your eyes as Percy told you what had happened in the forest. You ran not really having a destination. You ran through camp and past Thalia's tree. You only stopped when you tripped over a tree root and just sat there on the ground sobbing. You felt a hand on your shoulder and looked up. There stood Luke he looked down at you pain in his eyes. You stood up and hugged him. "Please tell me they are wrong. Tell me your not a traitor." You said between sobs. He didn't say anything he just held you there rubbing your back slowly. You looked up at him as he cupped you cheeks.

You had always had a crush on your best friend but you were always afraid he wouldn't like you back or would never talk to you again if you ever asked him.

You took this opportunity and leaned forward pressing you lips on his. He wrapped his arms around your waist and yours went around his neck. The kiss became heated and passionate. He pushed you up against a tree and began to kiss you roughly. He started moving the kisses down your neck and then back up by your ear. He nibbled on your ear lobe and then whispered huskily in your ear. "Come with me      (y/n) we could rule the world you and me. We could take down the gods and live happily just the two of us. We could be the most feared and powerful together." You froze and tears welded up in your eyes.

"I-I can't." That's all you could say without your voice cracking.

He looked at you backing up and you could see the tears  in his eyes but he held them back.

"Then I guess this is goodbye." He said his voice cracking. And with that he disappeared. Anger boiled up in you. Why did life have to be so unfair. You punched a tree not caring that your hand was probably broken and with that you walked away to tired and broken to cry again.

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