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42. Leo Valdez

Leo woke up one morning to his siblings shaking him awake. They were laughing and smiling for only the gods know why. "Leo wake up someone left something for you at the door." His siblings shouted. They set it on his lap. It was a huge flower with a note attached to the stem. (Picture above) Once his siblings had left the cabin he opened the note. This is what it said.

         I ❤️ you


                        (First initial of first name)

He smiled at it wondering who it was from.

------time skipity--------

Over the next couple of months he had received a flower every morning from that day on.

Later on Leo decided to go to bunker 9. As he walked through the woods he decided to take a short cut to get there faster. About a minute or two had past after he had strayed off the trail when he hit a hard surface head on. He fell down and rubbed his sore head. He looked up to see a dark forest green door with a number 4 painted in gold. He opened the door wondering if maybe it had some godly magic to it. When he opened it he found himself in a beautiful garden with the most exotic flowers and plants he had ever seen. He could even hear a waterfall in the distance somewhere. That's when he saw you. You smiled caring for some flowers that looked just like the ones Leo had been sent.

"So you are my mystery girl huh?" He asked sheepishly. You gasped after he said that as his voice was the only thing alerting you of his presence. You began to blush nodding your head. He smiled at you holding out a hand for you to shake. "I've seen you around camp before. (Y/n) right? Child of Demeter."

You smiled at the thought of him actually knowing who you were. "Well I was going to head to the pavilion for dinner you wanna came with me?" He asked you with pleading eyes. You agreed and took him by the hand as the two of you exited to bunker together

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