Percy jackson oneshots

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20. Leo Valdez

You walked through the woods not really paying attention to where you were going. You scowled at the ground. Everyone seemed to be to busy to hang out with you today. Jason was too busy sword fighting with Percy, Annabeth and Piper were on a quest, and you couldn't find Frank or Leo. You were currently so caught up in being knee deep in self pity that you didn't see the floating doorknob in your way. You hit your head on some invisible wall like surface and fell on your butt. "Ow! Stupid door!" You said glaring at the door. All of a sudden the door opened as if terrified of your stare. Curiosity getting the better of you you walked in to what seemed like a machine shop. Over in the corner you saw someone welding two large pieces of celestial bronze together. You knew who it was immediately seeing his super curly brown hair. "Leo?! What are you doing here and what is this place?" You tapped him on the shoulder which must have startled you because he turned around quickly sending a small flame your way burning your arm just a bit. Once he realized it was you his eyes got as big as quarters.

"Mi amor!! I'm so sorry I didn't hear you and it scared me! Oh gods I burned you..........Wait how did you find bunker 9??" You answer him right away still trying to figure out what mi amor meant in English when you suddenly snapped yourself back into reality. As he fixed up your burn you explained how you found the bunker. "You shouldn't have done that I could have hurt you really bad." He said wrapping his arms around you. He placed a small kiss on your cheek then pushed you out of the bunker leaving you a flustered mess.

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