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4. Leo Valdez

You and Leo were best friends you did everything together. But the only thing was he thought you were an Athena camper and you let him think that probably because if he ever found out who your mom really was he'd hate you.

"Come on Leo! If you don't hurt up we'll be later for capture the flag!" You pouted.

"Ok ok mi amor." He said chuckling. You always liked that how he called you mi amor and all. You went to the activity for the night to find out you were on different teams this time. You hated being on different teams. You took your spot in the forest watching for enemy campers when you heard the bushes rustle. You held out you sword but was knocked down by a hell hound. Two more hell hounds came bounding after the first one. The first one put a paw on your chest. The second one bit down on your leg while the third one bit down on your arms. The first one came down and sniffed your face the started biting your neck. You started to black out when you saw fire and heard yelping. Leo held your limp body in his arms. He ran to the big house carrying you in his arms. You woke up the next morning groggily then you noticed your gloves were gone. The sheets slowly started turning to ice as you tried to shove your hands up your arm pits. You tried to stand up but fell collapsed onto the floor. You grabbed at the wall hopping to get up but it just froze at the touch of your fingers.

Leo stood at the other side of the room looking down at you. Disgust covered his face as if you were a cockroach. "Looking for these." He said holding up your white gloves. He threw them at you and you whimpered. "I trusted you and you lied to me you know your just like your mom (y/n)! You lie." You shivered as he said your name. He hadn't ever called you by your first name before. Tears streamed down your face as he stormed out of the room. Your heart seemed to have fallen apart. You started sobbing on the floor about how you had just lost your best friend. Once you were better enough to stand you tried going back to Leo's bunker to apologize maybe even gain his friendship back. You touched the doorknob that stood by itself in the middle of the forest and it burnt your hand making you yell in pain. Leo knew you couldn't stand heat hopping that you'd stay away if he made it hot enough. He heard you let out a chocked sob before blocking it out with the sound of a hammer against metal. You ran back to your cabin locking yourself in. You were the only child of kilone so you had the whole cabin to yourself. Ice started to form around you covering the windows and the floor. Soon your ice powers got out of control covering everything in two inches of ice. The door and windows were covered in ice making it impossible to escape. But you didn't care. Leo passed your cabin one day and he felt awful. He had a crush on you since the moment you first met him. He frowned seeing the snow around the cabin and got closer to see if you were there. He tried to open the door but it was locked so he melted the door handle. Once he got the door open he was shocked when he ran into the giant ice wall. He became more and more worried for your safety. He tried to melt the ice but it wouldn't budge. He grabbed Frank,Jason, Percy hopping they could help him get her out. First Frank tried to claw at it but it didn't do anything much. Then Jason tried to shoot some lightning at in but only ended up in the big house with a welt the size of a golf ball on his head. Percy then tried to move it with his mind seeing that ice is made from water but it didn't do anything. Soon it got so cold the ice started so smoke. Leo couldn't take it anymore he walked up to the wall and started yelling. "(Y/n) let me in!"

"No!" You yelled back almost like a little child.

"If you don't let me in I'll..."

"You'll what Leo you'll kill me! Maybe that will help you get back at my mom the liar you were talking about." She let out a dark chuckle and got really close to the wall to the point he could see her blurry figure through the ice. "I wish you would have killed me back in the big house it would have been better for everybody! I hate you Leo I hate you." You screamed as your voice cracked multiple times. Leo put his fist on the ice and it began to melt.

"(Y/n) don't say that!" He held pounding on the ice. It began to crack and melt under Leo touch. Soon it was so thin that he punched through it. Leo walked in to the cabin heat waves still drifting off his hands. He found you in the corner of the room tears frozen to your face. He moved your (h/c) hair out of your face and put his warm hands on your cold cheeks. He held you tight as you jumped into his arms. You were so cold that steam erupted when you touched him. He took your face in his hands and kissed you. Shards of ice stabbed into your back as you kissed him but you didn't mind. The kiss got fast becoming even more intense with each second. You grabbed fistfuls of his shirt pulling him closer and closer to you. "I'm so sorry mi amor." He whispered into your ear. You snuggled close to him as he tickled your neck with kisses.

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