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46. Leo Valdez soulmate au

You knew you would be alone forever it was inevitable. You had no tattoo which meant no soulmate. Congratulations your a freak of nature even by demigod standards. You watched from afar everyday as someone found their soulmates.  The ones they'd spend the rest of their lives with. You begged the gods to give you another fate.

You were in the forges making some swords when you accidentally cut yourself. You let out a squeak of surprise and cradled your arm. A handsome guy (Leo) ran to you. "You ok mi amor?!" You nodded looking to see what the damage was. When you looked at your arm there wasn't a cut but a tattoo. (Picture above.). Leo's eyes bulged out of their sockets for a moment then he slowly lifted up the sleeve of his shirt showing the same tattoo on his bicep. You smiled weakly at him giving an even weaker hello.

"I've never had a tattoo before just a few moments ago." You said as Leo walked you to your cabin. He smiled at you.

"Well now you have the greatest demigod in the whole camp you just got the luckiest tattoo in the universe." You laughed at him punching him on the arm. "If you don't mind me asking. What is your name mi amor you never told me?"

"(Y/n) (y/n) (l/n)." With that you said goodnight. Btw after he left the door you danced around the cabin to your favorite band for about an hour. Just putting that out there.

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