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9. Leo Valdez 7 min. in heaven

Your friend Hazel had dragged you with her to camp half blood for the weekend saying she wanted to introduce you to someone. You were from camp Jupiter and were nervous about meeting some of the Greek half bloods. When you got there Hazel showed you around giving you a short tour. A boy with Raven hair and sea green eyes jogged over to you guys.

"Hey Hazel the rest of the seven are gonna hang out in my cabin tonight care to join us?" He smiled at your.

"Yeah can (y/n) come too?"

"Yeah no problem." With that the three of you walked to what you guessed was the posideon cabin. You walked in to see some of your friends and some unfamiliar faces. Jason and Frank waved to you making you smile.

"So what game do you wanna play guys." Percy spoke up.

A boy with dark brown curly hair spoke up. "What about seven minutes in heaven?" Everyone just nodded in agreement. You all put an object into a hat. Hazel looked at you and smiled.

"(Y/n) should go first since she's never been here before." You started to object when the hat was thrusted at you. You complied pulling out the first object you touched. A wrench? The curly haired boy suddenly stood up and started for the closet. You followed looking to your friends for help but they only waved. You shut the door behind you sitting down in the dark closet.

"I never got you name by the way." You said hoping to start a conversation with the boy. You heard him suddenly shift take a deep breath.

"I'm Leo." The name suddenly sparked your memory. Jason talked a lot about him.

"So your Leo. I've heard a lot about you mostly from Jason." The conversation went on from their. You had gotten to know Leo very well by the time was up. Frank opened up the closet letting you out. Leo looked over at you and smiled "maybe if you ever come back to camp we can hang out more."

"I'd like that." You said smiling back. Your trip wasn't so bad after all.

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