Percy jackson oneshots

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21. Jason grace

No pov

It was raining and everybody in camp could hear you screaming. You were in the ares cabin fighting with your boyfriend. Suddenly he hit you leaving you shocked on the floor. "This is over." He said coldly before you ran out of the cabin. He did try to stop you from leaving one of the many reasons you broke up. Tears began to blur your vision as you cheek stung. You ran to your best friend Jason's cabin. He was sitting alone on his bed. "J-j-Jason." you managed to squeak out before completely breaking down.

Jason's pov

I sat on my bed thinking of (y/n). Her beautiful face, her soft hair, all of her. That's when I heard the door burst open. (Y/n) was running to me covered in water and there were tears running down her face. I also notice a bruise starting to form on her cheek. She sobbed into my shoulder as she tried to explain what happened. "W-w-we broke up a-a-and he-he-he-he hit me." Was all she had managed to say before breaking into a new set of sobs. Anger swelled up in my chest but now was not the time for that. I gave her one of my hoodies and then I carried her through the rain to her cabin. She snored softly in my arms as I set her down on her bed. I placed a kiss on her forehead before going back to my cabin. I could feel it the anger swelling inside me again. I ran my hands through my hair trying to calm myself down. He hit her. He hurt (y/n), more importantly he hurt my (y/n). I clenched my fist then I punched the wall as hard as I could.

Your pov

I woke up back in my cabin the rain still pitter pattering on the windows. I touched my cheek and it still hurt really bad. Suddenly the door was flung open.

"Look (y/n) I'm......" It was your ex-boyfriend he stopped when he saw the hoodie and gave out an agitated laugh. "I'm gone for what a few hours and your already with someone else wow your lower than I thought." He said bring his hand up to hit me. I closed my eyes readying myself for the slap but it didn't come. You opened your eyes to see Jason pinning your ex down. He strattled him and began beating his senseless until he was unconscious. Jason looked over to me tears in his eyes and he came over and wrapped his arms around me.

"I'll never let him hurt you again." He whispered in my ear. He kissed my head. "I love you (y/n) I love you so much." He said tears began to fall onto my face. I buried my head in his chest as people began to come in trying to carry your attacker out.

"I love you too."

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