Percy jackson oneshots

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19. Jason Grace

You had just come back from a mission. You opened up the door to your cabin which seemed to be empty or so you thought. All your siblings were gone either on quests or with their mortal families. You plopped down on your bed not seeing the lump until you heard a groan. You pulled up the covers seeing Jason laying in your bed. "Jason? What are you doing here your not supposed to be here."

"I came to surprise you when you got home but I fell asleep." You were too tired to care if he wasn't supposed to be there. You laid down beside him wrapping your arms around his shirtless upper half. You put your head into the crook of his neck as he pulled you closer and closer to him. He pulled the blankets over you both and kissed the top of your head. "Love you (y/n)."

"Love you too Jason." With that you fell asleep.

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