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17. Jason Grace Valentine's Day special

You could feel the (f/c) satin on your face as Jason lead you along through camp. You tripped over something but caught your balance. "Hey!"

"Sorry! Ok you can look now." And surely you were out on the beach. The sun was setting giving the scene a hazy orange glow. There was a picnic blanket with tons of your favorite foods, drinks, and treats. (F/c) candles were set on the blanket. You both sat down and enjoyed the tasty foods as you laughed and talked. "This is so good!" You said your mouth half full.

He smiled at you and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah I remember you saying how much you loved theses foods so I tried cooking them for you."

He took your hand and lead you away from the blanket as you walked along the beach. You still had a cupcake in your hand as you walked along. You smirked as you looked from the cupcake to Jason.

"Hey Jason you should try your cupcakes." You said as you smushed the cupcake all over his face. You giggled dropped the cupcake and ran. He chased you down the beach catching up with you a little bit later. He kissed you on the mouth and you licked some of the icing off of his lips making him laugh. Then you heard an explosion. You looked around for fire then you saw it. They were fireworks spelling out I love you (y/n) you smiled as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend. He leaned down by your ear and whispered.

"Happy Valentine's Day (y/n)"

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