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45. Jason grace soulmate au

You were currently running from your best friend at the moment. Why you may ask. Well you may have pranked him a little.......... No seriously let's be honest you dyed his hair toxic waste green and black but also made him scream like a little girl.

Getting back to the story. You had known Jason was your soulmate after seeing it on his back when you went to talk to him one day and he didn't have a shirt on. That was when you first met so let's say maybe......... Four years ago.

You were currently running at your top speed when the ground betrayed you and you fell. You slid and your shirt slid up barely showing your matching tattoo which was located right at your waist line of your pants. Jason caught up in a matter of seconds but stood frozen in place after seeing it.

"How long did you know?" He said.

"What are you talking about?" You said trying to play it off cool.

"Don't play stupid (y/n) how long have you known." You began to stutter not sure what to say. You hung your head and mumbled hoping he wouldn't hear.

"Four years." But before he could say anything you ran for it making it to your cabin and locking the door hoping he couldn't get in. Seconds later Jason was banging on the door pleading for you to open it.

You spent a few hours in your cabin till you thought he had left. You took a step out and was dragged by the arm behind the cabin. Jason pinned your wrist above your head.

"Why didn't you tell me?" 

No reply.... "(Y/n)......"

"Because I was scared ok? Happy now!?" You shook your wrist from his grasp as tears filled your eyes.

Two strong arms then wrapped themselves around you holding you tight.

He lifted your chin forcing you to meet his gaze. Then cupping your cheeks he kissed you as if he was never going to see you again.

"I'm sorry." You whispered against his lips.

"So am I."

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