Percy jackson oneshots

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8. Jason Grace 7 min. in heaven

You, Nico, and the seven had decided to have a sleep over in the Zeus cabin. It was actually pretty cool there were tons of drinks and snacks there. You were currently snacking on (f/f) chips when your best friend Hazel pulled you into the circle of your friends. Leo pulled out a hat telling everyone to put and object into it. You reached into your pocket pulling out a (f/c) bracelet. Percy went first and of course got Annabeth. Then it was Jason's turn. Your cheeks burned bright red. Jason was one of your really good friends but you also had a crush on him. It felt like hours before he finally pulled out an object. Then once your mind processed what was happening you realized that he had pulled out your bracelet. You sheepishly got up and walked over to the closet Jason at your heels. You got in first then him and once the door closed you couldn't see a thing. Before you could say a word his lips were on yours making you yelp. His lips were so soft and they tasted like ambrosia too. Your arms went up around his neck and your hands tangled themselves in his hair. He kissed your lips then across your face and then down your neck. You'd never think of Jason the way he was now. You always saw him as calm and composed Mr. Rule keeper but now it seemed like a totally different person. He kissed you on the lips again licking them as if asking for permission. When you didn't open your mouth a gave a low growl. He slid his arms up and down your back sending electricity through you. Before you could say oh no the door was open filling the closet with light. You fought back a blush as your friends whistled and gave you two catcalls. You both walked out as red as tomatoes. Jason's hair was a mess probably because you were running your hands through it minutes before. Later that night people stared sneaking back to their cabins. You were about to leave when Jason grabbed your arm. "I-I was wondering would you maybe go on a date with me tomorrow night eight o'clock?" He was blushing madly and so were you. You gave him a simple nod then kissed him on the cheek.

"Goodnight Jason."

"Uh yeah goodnight (y/n)."

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