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13. Hazel Levesque

You really like Hazel. Of course you would because she is your best friend but you liked her more than friends. You would ask her out but when ever you tried to hint that you liked her she wouldn't understand. She was completely clueless to your efforts. You didn't want to be strait forward because you were afraid she'd get all flustered. It wouldn't have surprised you because well she was a 1940's girl.

It was dinner time at camp half blood. You usually sit at the hades table because Hazel was there no one seemed to notice though. The two of you sat there as you are mostly in silence. Hazels hand rested near yours so you discretely moved your hand closer to hers. You grabbed her hand entwining it with yours. She looked over at you a blush dusting her cheeks. You couldn't take it anymore she looked so freakin cute. You cupped her cheek in your hand and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised at first but soon melted into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled herself closer to you. She then pulled away her cheeks bright red. She got up and ran away to her cabin leaving you there in a confused mess. 'Great I just messed up the best friendship I've ever had' you thought to yourself.

Later that night you went to the hades cabin to apologize. You knocked on the door but didn't here an answer so you let you self in. Hazel say on her bed and then she looked up and saw you.

"Look I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done that I know-"

"(Y/n)?" You paused.


She blushed as she looked at you and patted a spot beside her on the bed. You sat and looked at her.

"Can. (Sigh) can we do that again." You were confused but before you could say anything she pressed her lips on yours. She held your face in her hands as she kissed you. You put your arms around her waist again and pulled her onto your lap deepening the kiss. Her hand went into your hair and yours ran up and down her back. You broke the kiss and took in a deep breath. You wrapped your arms around her in attempt to give her a hug.

"I-I-I love you (y/n)."

You smiled "love you too."

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