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49. Genderbend Nice Di'Angelo (girls only)

You were just doing your usual routine when the stolls pulled a prank and it went wrong.

You got to your feet as a cloud of smoke dissipated from the whole camp. Except you weren't standing on your girlish like legs, no you were a dude. 

-time skip-

After the first couple of days everybody was getting used to being a different gender. Well most were others not so much.

You walked out of your cabin to see a large group of people surrounding some others. Thanks to being a guy you had the advantage of hight and could see over the crowd. Clairese (a boy now) was standing over that one child of hades. What was his name oh, yeah Nico (now a girl). Clairese hit her hard across the face and taunted her saying rude things about Nico being a sissy.

You had enough at this point. You pushed through the crowd and into the center. You grabbed Clairese by the shirt and punched him in the face.  Clairese was shocked as he laid on the ground not sure how to react.

You picked up Nico bridal style and carried him out of the crowd. You lead him to the big house and into the infirmary to clean up her cuts and make sure she was ok. She was trembling in your arms and winced when you put alcohol on a gash in her hand to clean it. Tears filled her eyes when you had finished and you awkwardly tried to side hug her to calm her down. You rolled your eyes and ran a hand through your short (h/c) hair.

You lifted Nico's chin so that her eyes locked with yours.

"You're nothing like what Clairese said ok? He's just an arse." Nico nodded and smiled at you.

You realized you still had your hand under her chin and your eyes began to wonder toward her pump pink lips. You slowly leaned in until your lips met hers. She paused at first but soon kissed back. The prank had worn off right in the middle of your kiss so when you opened your eyes you were kissing a boy and you were back to your girlish self again.

You blushed as you starred into his obsidian eyes. He pulled you into a quick hug then left saying a quick goodbye and thank you as he went. Boy were you going to have a story to tell your siblings.

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