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47. Frank Zhang soulmate Au

Frank and Jason were currently training when you walked in to ask Jason a question. Of course fate would have it that Frank was shirtless showing off the large tattoo on his shoulder. You gasped when you saw it but moved on walking up to the pair. You glanced at your smaller version of the tattoo on your wrist thinking nobody noticed. Frank did, but said nothing. You had finished talking to Jason and began to walk away when Frank took ahold of your wrist. He turned it over and looked at the tattoo. You blushed nervously shifting your vision between his eyes and his shoulder. "Hey. I'm Frank. You are?"

You stuttered and nodded like an idiot. "I-I'm (y/n) (y/n) (l/n) child of (g/p)." You shook his hand and smiled mischievously at him. From that day on you guys did almost everything together.

Sorry it's so short I couldn't think of anything else to write :(

Request open as usual

Next chapter theme: soulmate tattoo AU Nico.

Also thinking of doing a gender bent theme? What do you all think?

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