Percy jackson oneshots

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56. Frank Zhang pt 2

You didn't know what to do. Ever since Hazel and Frank got back its like the fates were rubbing their relationship in your face. You saw them kissing earlier and now you were in your room hyperventilating. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you cursed Aphrodite for making you feel like this.

Suddenly there was a light knock on the door which was then pushed open.

Frank stood there a sad smile on his face. He walked over and say on the edge of your bed and looked at you.

"Frank go away." You pouted.

"(Y/n) we need to talk...........I heard you talking to Nico about your feelings for me." You froze not sure how to respond.

"I-I-I can explain."

That's when you realized how close your faces were. All you did was move and inch and your lips would have connected, but you turned your face away. "We can't do this, not to Hazel..... My sister loves you so much and it's not my place to say wether or not this should happen." Your heart sank as the bitter words left your mouth. Your heart was itching for you to change your mind but the rest of you said otherwise. 

He left with a nod but before he got out the door he smiled at you. "You know your a good sister right?" He left leaving you alone to the dark sorrowful parts of your mind.

Maybe you would be together one day or maybe in another life, but as much as you wished it to be today was not that day.

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