Percy jackson oneshots

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10. Frank Zhang 7 min in heaven

You currently sat in a dark room with your best friend and crush Frank Zhang.


You were sword fighting with Frank and dang was he good. You slash and he'd block. Soon your limbs began to hurt an soon gave out on you. He knocked your sword out of your hand not before tripping. He started to fall taking you down with him. He fell on top of you but luckily caught himself making a push-up position above you. His face flushed bright red as he mumbled sorry standing back up.

"Frank (y/n) are you coming?" Percy said.


"We are all going to cabin one for a little party."

"yeah we'll be there."

You both got ready cleaning up. You knocked on the Zeus cabin and Jason opened the door. Everybody was sitting in a circle and Frank was there too.

"Whatcha doing guys?"

Leo gave you a devilish smile "7 minutes in heaven ." You didn't dare protest. "(Y/n) goes first!" Leo said in a sing song voice. They put the hat in front of you. Sticking your hand in you felt around until you pulled out a random object. It was a little figurine of a bear.

You both silently headed for the closet choosing not to argue against the group. It was so dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Frank's eyes began to glow like a felines. You giggled as you crawled around trying to find the door when you lost your balance and landed on something soft. Of course you landed on Frank's lap.

"S-s-sorry!" You said trying to get back up. Arms wrapped around your waist pulling you back down into his lap. You started to turn around when you felt a pair of lips on yours. Suddenly the door opened filling the space with light. Frank's face got really red making you laugh. You rested your forehead on his and smiled. "I love you."

"Love you too."

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