Percy jackson oneshots

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25. Dark!Percy Jackson

It was supposed to be a good day you were supposed to be hanging out with Percy all day. You started with some sword practice. You swung your sword just above his head. He slashed at you but you dodged. You pushed him down and pinned him so he couldn't get up. You smiled down at him and he frowned at you. You stood up doing a stupid little victory dance "who took down the almighty Percy Jackson. I. Did. Whoo!" Percy rolled his eyes at you and clapped your shoulder.

Percy's face went slack and his eyes turned a navy blue color. He hit the ground and you ran to his shouting for help. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at you. "Get away from me." He said in a husky deep voice that wasn't his usual happy one. He pushed you away making you fly twenty feet away and knocked the air out of you. People began to come around seeing what had just happened. "Get back!" He yelled sending waves of water from the earth. He hurt people and destroyed buildings with the large waves of water. Another camper hit him over the head from behind and he was knocked unconscious. You were filled with terror as you looked at the one person you loved.


Hey guys it's me Alex don't worry it's not the end I'll make a part two and so on if it comes to that thanks.

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