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26. DarkPercy Jackson pt 2

Percy woke up tied to a chair. He could hear the head counsellors from each cabin debating what to do with him. (Y/n) was a head counsellor of    (g/p) cabin. He could hear your voice on the verge of cracking.

"We need to kill him. He's dangerous."

"You want to kill him! After everything he's done for the camp and you!" You yelled at her anger in your eyes. Tears filled his eyes as he remembered what he had done. It was strange it was like he wasn't really in control of himself but at the same time he was of that made any sense. He was pulled out of his thoughts when Claires (sorry if I spelled it wrong) opened the door making it slam against the wall. She gave him a murderous look and dragged him into the room by the back of the chair. Chiron stood at the other end of the room as he eyed Percy.

"Why did you do it?"

"I-I-I don't know." And he began to explain what it felt like. How he didn't really feel in control. After he was finished Chiron simply nodded.

"Until further notice he shall be banished into the forest. All capture the flag games will be postponed and meals will be brought to him until we can figure out this problem." With that he got into his wheel chair and rolled away. Everyone but Claires and (y/n) followed after Chiron. (Y/n) cupped his cheeks and rested her forehead on his and the tears started to fall.

*teeny tiny time skip*

They were at the edge of the forest and Claires untied him and lifted her spear to his back. You hugged him tight and he held you there at least until Claires had to 'clear her throat'. He lifted your chin to look at him and smiled. He kissed you softly on the lips and walked away. You stood there till he was out of sight and then you fell apart. Your lip quivered and you began to sob as you fell to your knees. What if they can't fix him?

Ok hey readers I'm not sure if I spelled Claires right so if I didn't please tell me. Also request are open if you'd like one.

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