Percy jackson oneshots

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33. Dark Percy Jackson pt5

Then he stopped and then he looked up at you giving you a devilish smile with his dark eyes. You lost your voice to not that you would have said anything anyway. You began to try to pull yourself away from him but no luck the handcuffs were actually very tight. He grabbed your wrist in attempt to stop you from moving. You squealed at his touch making him laugh. His mouth held a devilish smirk but his eyes told you otherwise. In them you could see just a hint of panic and fear. His eyes gave you determination giving you your voice back. "P-P-Percy you gotta listen to me please-." Before you could finish his hand was around your neck. It wasn't tight enough to cut off your windpipe but just enough to keep you in place and surprise you into silence.  He let go of your neck and you both just stood there not sure what to do. He smirked his gave traveling from your eyes and downward. You slapped him " eyes up here jerk!"

He touched his cheek and smirked. He slammed you up against a tree and his mouth was near your ear his warm breath tickling your ear and giving you goose bumps. "You know I'm gonna have to get you back for that?" You tried to keep up your confidence but your voice betrayed you and you whimpered. He chuckled as you began to quake with fear. He stared at the handcuffs holding you two together.  "So much trust in the one you love. Too bad it was all misplaced." Tears stung your eyes as all the fear took over and your legs gave out on you. "Such a poor excuse of a child of (g/p)" he spat.

You began to sob to hurt to care of what he thought or did to you. He watched you closely and now it was his turn to quake. His breathing started getting faster as if he couldn't breathe at all. He fell beside you and put his head in his hands. He let out a long scream then passed out

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