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37. Dark Percy Jackson pt 6

You wrapped your arms around Percy and sobbed. You were so afraid you were shaking. Percy suddenly came to gasping for air. You sobbed more glad he was ok and that it was actually him.

"Oh gods your ok." You said between tears. He rubbed your back trying to calm you down. You let out a heart broken laugh "I should be the one comforting you not the other way around Percy." He didn't laugh. He was looking past you toward something else. You turned and saw a group of campers with torches and weapons out the wazoo. Percy pulled and yanked at the handcuffs and the chain link broke. 'Remind me to never barrow handcuffs from the stolls ever again.' You thought. You got onto your feet standing close behind Percy holding onto the sleeve of his ripped camp shirt.

The Ares campers were leading the group clairese at the front. "Jackson!" She barked "what did you do to (y/n)?" Her tone angry yet cautious. You stepped out from behind Percy giving them a wave.

"Guys it's ok I'm ok you know he'd never hurt me." You said quietly.

"Yeah he will (y/n) it's only a matter of time. We have to make sure that doesn't happen." You shook your head shock clearly written across your face. Percy pushed you behind him and looked at you.

"(Y/n) they might be right......just stay behind me ok? I-I-I love you ok?" Tears flowed down your face and tears sprung up in his eyes. You shook your head but you couldn't speak as a lump formed in your throat. You couldn't stand there as they killed Percy the one who saved the world not once but twice. The one who saved you. They threw their spears and arrows  and your feet finally managed to move. You moved in front of Percy as the arrows and the spears pierced your body. You hit the ground gasping for breath.

"No!" Percy screamed kneeling beside you. You coughed up blood at looked at Percy tears in your eyes.

"I-I-I love you Percy." With that you let out your final breath and your eyes glazed over as they looked up to the sky. Percy started shaking with anger and he lost control letting the darkness win. Dark Percy gave a cruel laugh and looked at the group of campers making the shift uneasily. He smile faded left with a look of murder.

"You. Killed. Her." Before they could respond chaos broke out water from deep down in the earth exploded to the surface and he even did some blood bending. He killed them all not fast but slowly between suffocation, drowning, and bleeding to death they all died. The real Percy came to and cried looking at the blood on his hands. He picked up a stray dagger laying among the puddles of blood. He looked at his reflection then over to your dead body. "I loved you too." He whispered before he plunged it into his own chest. As he fell out of consciousness he grabbed your cold hand and let go letting his life force slip away.

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