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32. Dark Percy Jackson pt 4

It had been a few months since you saw Percy. You would go into the woods and look for him but he always hid from you to afraid to get to close for fear of him hurting you or what had happened last time. You stepped up your game. You started thinking like a hunter searching for its prey. Sometimes you'd catch glimpses of him before he disappeared again.

You were taking your morning stroll through the woods hoping to see Percy when you heard a twig snap behind you but before you could turn around there was a sword at your throat. You smirked knowing riptide anywhere. "You wouldn't kill me Percy I know you." He leaned in next to your ear from behind. His voice was deep and husky.

"I thought I told you to stay away."

You laughed to yourself " you of all people should know I'm not good at doing what I'm told Percy." You turned around slowly facing him. He was glaring at you. You saw him and you could have cried. He was skinnier since you last saw him and he had some cuts on his face along with his eyes being red as if he had recently been crying.

Now before I go on let me tell you. You had a plan a stupid one yes but it was a plan. You touched the pair of handcuffs in your back pocket making sure they were still there. You latched your wrist into one side as quietly as you could. You smirked making Percy uneasy but before he could move you pulled the hand cuffs out from behind your back and latched the other end to his wrist. You held the key in your hand as Percy looked at you in shock. He tried reaching for the key but before he could get to it you swallowed it.

"W-what they hell (y/n) your gonna get yourself killed. I'm dangerous!" He yelled at you. You just shrugged. He didn't hurt you last time why would he now. Percy started clutching his head and he started breathing faster too. He fell to his knees and started screaming. Then he stopped and then he looked up at you.............,....Cliffhanger

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