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28. Dark Percy Jackson pt 3

It's been 3 weeks since he was banished and the little rage fits only get worse.

(Y/n) was in her usual routine she grabbed two portions of eggs for breakfast. Chiron had allowed her to a give him his meals everyday. She walked into the forest making sure she had her dagger. Then she spotted him he laid peacefully asleep beside a gentle stream. You smiled to yourself he looked so adorable when he was asleep. You knelt down to his side and shook him softly. He opened his eyes and smiled at you. He sat up and kissed you lightly. You guys ate breakfast together and talked about things for a short while. Percy frowned and then he started screaming while holding his ears. He sat on his legs and laid his head on his knees as he violently shook. He screamed for you to run but you stayed at his side to afraid to leave him here alone. Then he suddenly stopped. The shaking ceased along with  the screaming. You knelt next to him and put a hand on his back "hey Percy are you ok."

He looked up at you and his eyes were that dark navy blue color. He smirked at you standing up. You froze to afraid to move. You managed to stand up and started to back away. He took a step forward every time you took a step back. You tried taking one more step back only to run into the back of a tree. Percy pinned your arms above your head and put his mouth close to your ear making your breath hitch in your throat. His warm breath tickled your ear as he spoke. "You scared (y/n)?" He raised an eyebrow still smirking.

You tried to muster up all the courage you could only pulling out one word.

"N-n-no." He looked back up into your eyes and they flickered just for a second back to their usual sea green the back to navy blue. He tightened his grip on your wrist and pressed his body against yours sandwiching you between him and the tree.

He pressed his lips onto yours. It was heated and passionate. You kept your mouth shut. He rested his forehead against yours his eyes turning back to sea green. He blushed as he starred into your eyes. You started to blush at the awkward silence.

"P-P-Percy." He laid his head in your chest and he started crying. He pulled you close and began letting out racks of sobs. He slowly started to back away. He turned his back to you and ran a hand through his hair. He suddenly turned around his sword at your throat and tears in his eyes.

The pain in his eyes hurt you so bad. "Get out of here (y/n) and don't come back you hear me. NOW!" You ran as tears flooded your vision. Sure you were running this time but next time you weren't going to back down you were gonna be back no matter what.

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