Percy jackson oneshots

All in title


34. Dark Leo Valdez pt 2

You hadn't seen Leo since he had kissed you and it bummed you out. You missed him and never got the chance to say you liked him too. It was weird as if he was avoiding you and it made you sad.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when you saw a group of people surrounding the entrance to the Hermes cabin. You pushed through the crowd to see Leo standing over Connor and Travis. Both of them looked pretty scared and you didn't understand why Leo was the sweetest demigod in camp.

Then you realized. Leo had literal fire coming out of where his eyes were supposed to be. Giant arcs of flames erupted from his palms as he smirked at the two boys.

"Stay away from (y/n)!" He yelled at them. You saw a convenient bucket of water sitting by the door. You picked it up and threw the water at Leo before he could roast the boys alive. He stood there still for a second then he blinked as if he wasn't sure where he was. He jumped when he turned around face to face with your scowl. You pulled him away from the mob by his ear all the way to bunker 9.

"What in the name of hades do you think you're doing?!!" You yelled at him running your fingers through your hair.

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