Percy jackson oneshots

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51. Carter Kane

"Carter where are you taking me?" You had asked in a annoyed tone. Carter had put a blind fold over your eyes so that you couldn't see. You were supposed to be having a date night and this helped because it was a surprise. He guided you from behind but you still managed to trip over stuff. 

After a long time he pulled the blind fold off revealing you to be standing in an open field on a blanket. You looked up at the sky in awe as you saw the billions of stars twinkling in the night.

You looked back at the scenery and saw fireflies dancing in the distance. Your eyes finally met with carters and you smiled. He blushed so hard it made you giggle. "Carter this is amazing!"

He looked at you in wonder. "Really? I was worried you wouldn't like it." He said taking your hand and pulling you to sit beside him on the blanket.

No matter how hard you tried you couldn't stop smiling not even for a second. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "You missed." He whispered. You have him a confused look before he pulled you into a passionate kiss on the lips. Now it was your turn to blush like a maniac.

"I love you."

"I love you too (y/n)"

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