Percy jackson oneshots

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39. Apollo

Apollo had decided to stop by camp half blood. He peaked into the Apollo cabin and saw his children. They all smiled at him and he noticed a new camper. They looked about ten with blond hair and (e/c) eyes. "What would your name be?"

She looked at him and whispered her name. "My name is Jamie." All of the Apollo campers had left except for Jamie. She grabbed apollos sleeve before he could leave. "I-I-I never got the chance to meet my mom........what was she like?" She asked him. He smiled as he did in fact remember the girls mother.

"Her name was (y/n) she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever known.


You stood on a stage at an open mic night. You had just finished your favorite song. As you stepped off stage a hand grabbed your arm. You looked to the owner to see a man with blond hair and a blinding smile.

"Hello stranger." You greeted.

--------months later--------

You walked down the streets of New York. Suddenly you saw the man from a few months before. He looked exactly the same as that night. You never had gotten his name, but you both had coffee and talked and laughed with each other. He had even managed to steal your first kiss. You ran to him grabbing his arm. "Hey you again. Remember me from a few months ago at that open mic night?" You smiled as he nodded. "I never got your name."

--------------apollos POV------

She smiled at me. I told her my name and she wasn't surprised......... When I asked her why she said she had seen weirder things in NY before. We ended up talking and eventually falling in love.


Jamie smiled as Apollo finished his story. She hugged him tightly and thanked him. "That Jamie is how I met your mother."

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