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54. Annabeth Chase

You and Annabeth had gone off through Rome away from the other seven as a small type of date before she went off the find the mark. As you walked the streets you could feel her hand becoming more sweaty and shaky by the minute.

You squeezed her hand as a way to say it was going to be ok because that is what she had always done for you when you were on edge. Seeing some of the sights lifted her spirits a bit and that's what made you happy.

You stopped at a nice outdoor café by the river and ate lunch. The food was delicious probably some of the best Annabeth agreed but barely at a bite which upset you.

-------------Small time skip to when the river god comes to take her to her destination---(I think that's what happened right it's been a while)

You had been talking when this dude and his girlfriend as you would have guessed came to talk Annabeth away.

You could see the feat in her eyes as he beckoned her forward.

"Wait! C-c-could we have a minute please. So I can say see you later and stuff." You said out loud surprising both the God and yourself. With just a touch of awe of you he nodded. You hugged her tight not wanting to let go. You were so close your foreheads were touching which made your skin tingle. Before you could say anything she pressed her lips on to yours.

Tears now filled both Annabeth's and your eyes as you broke the kiss. "I-I-I'll be back I promise ok?" She said shakily squeezing your hand one last time before going off with the river god.

Once she was out of sight you murmured an ok and made your way back to the ship praying to every God and goddess who may be listening.

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