My awesome life as a Pokèmon

Hi I’m Zane a ten year old starting my Pokémon journey just like every ten year old in alola and I herd that the league Champion (your Character) traveled threw time and space and battle the two legendary Pokémon I’m really looking forward to battleing them but that’s not my true goal,I really wanna fill then Pokédex anyway enough talk read the story


5. The first win

 Zane arrives at the bottom of Iki mountain Traivs pops up behind,once more "bout time you got here slobber face"Zane says rudely "shut up nerd" Travis responds "So whose going in the trial first"Zane asks “”the stronger one”Travis says “ok then let’s battle” Zane says “here I come,Rockruff I choose you!” RockRuff jumps out of the pokèball ready to fight (cool I want one)Zane thinks “Anyway,Riolu come on out” Riolu comes out itching for a fight “rockruff use bite” “Rrrrrrrruff”it growls as it charges at Riolu Zane reacts quickly “use metal sound” Riolu hits the metal plates on his hands and screams,rockruff falls to the ground covering his ears Riolu moves quick “use seismic toss” Riolu picks up rockruff by the tail and swings him around and tosses him in the air”rockruff use rollout midair” Travis yells “ force plam” Zane says sure that he’ll win,rockruff slows down the rotation to catch his breath in that slight moment Riolu strikes Noticeing the opportunity and rockruff goes flying into the mountain (he’s strong) “heh nice job nerd”Travis says “but can you handle this “Axew let’s go dragon claw” Axew comes out the pokèball with a dragon claw ready to hit, “counter it with power-up punch” Zane says  Riolu and Axew dash towards  each other until both moves collide,there locked in place both sides going at full force *Riolu’s attack rises* “Force plam”Zane says as Riolu grows metal claws and slashes Axew “Zzt Riolu learned metal clawZzt” rotomdex informs “Axew use headbutt!” Travis tells Axew while Zane looks for an opening he tells Riolu “Doge it”  “Useheadbutt”Travis  says quickly Axew headbutt’s Riolu into the sky and uses dragon rage   

 “Nice you learned Dragon rage” Travis says as Riolu falls to the ground unable to battle “you did well Riolu”he says as he points the pokèball laser a Riolu “your up next bud,Froakie come on let’s do this” Zane says as Froakie jumps off his shoulder “Dragon rage let’s go”Travis says Axew charges a dragon rage “Froakie use rain dance” Zane says “Axxxxxxewwww”Axew says as it shoots a giant purple dragon from its mouth “Froakie doge and use are new move,Quick cut” Zane says egarly “what?”Froakie creates a blade of light and then dashes At Axew using quick attack and goes straight through Axew,Axew falls to the ground unconscious,(Froakie’s hp is full so his attack rises due to his  Water absorb magnificent) “Dang it Axew,Get some rest” Travis says as turtwig jumps off his shoulder “Razor leaf” Travis says ready to end the battle “Cut”Zane says Froakie cuts all of the razor sharp leafs in half “vine whip”Travis says as turtiwg makes two very long vines grab Froakie and continously slams him to the ground “now razor leaf again”Travis says not wasting any time, turtwig throws Froakie into the air and shoots  razor sharp leafs at Froakie,they hit Froakie one after another,(marvelous,so elagent) Froakie falls to the ground,barely able to move “Froakie are you okay!?”Zane asks worried,”E-eFroak”it says as it gets on its feet “Had enough nerd?”Travis says confident 

Zane starts to think back to when they were kids 

“And that’s when I pound them with a quick attack”Travis says with passion 

“Uh-uh um you do know that Tortterra can’t possibly beat greninja in a battle right”Zane says “why are you so awkward and stuck up”Travis says”like a nerd” “I’m not a nerd” Zane argues 

Zane snaps back to reality 

“I’m sorry Froakie”Zane says as tears run down his face Froakie runs over to Zane “I’m sorry for being so weak”  “fro” Froakie says trying to cheer Zane up  “you’re Right,we can’t lose,let’s go!!!” A mysterious water bubble covers Froakie then it goes to his back making water wings “what the!?”Travis exclaims “use cut.” Froakie flying into the air creates a blade of water and slashes turtwig unconscious.Zane and fall to the floor weak Travis runs over to Zane and helps him stand “you ok Froakie?”Zane asks “efro” he replies  




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