My awesome life as a Pokèmon

Hi I’m Zane a ten year old starting my Pokémon journey just like every ten year old in alola and I herd that the league Champion (your Character) traveled threw time and space and battle the two legendary Pokémon I’m really looking forward to battleing them but that’s not my true goal,I really wanna fill then Pokédex anyway enough talk read the story


1. The coming of Zane

Zane wakes up with exiting feeling he jumps out of bed and runs into the bath room brushes his teeth and takes a shower grabs his back pack and scarf as he waves to his dad rushing out the door “bye”Ink says. Zane finally makes it to Iki town,late and Travis his rival Is right behind him “what are you doing here loser?”Travis asks “Same as you slobberface”Zane comments “You wanna fight me?!”Travis says the kahuna Stops them both 

“Stop it you two don’t you want your Pokémon I have two more Pokémon left Frokie and turtwig” hala says “I’ll take Frokie” Zane choses “I’ll take turtwig”Travis declares”

Zane starts to leave but Travis stops him saying “Let’s battle”says Travis 



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