My awesome life as a Pokèmon

Hi I’m Zane a ten year old starting my Pokémon journey just like every ten year old in alola and I herd that the league Champion (your Character) traveled threw time and space and battle the two legendary Pokémon I’m really looking forward to battleing them but that’s not my true goal,I really wanna fill then Pokédex anyway enough talk read the story


4. And so it begins-Travis

“Let’s do this” says Travis 

Right away frokie used bubble-it had little effect on Turtwig 

Turtwig uses tackle but frokie dodges it Travis thinks to himself (man this frokie is good but I’m better) Travis once more tells Turtwig to use tackle and it hits frokie then uses bubble agin “you that attack isn’t that effective on my Turtwig.”Travis says Zane grunts and tells frokie to use tackle “Dodge!!” Travis says “I’m ready to finish this.”Travis murmures to himself the yells out “Use razor leaf Turtwig!!!” It’s a direct hit and frokie faints

Travis smirks and walks away

Travis then makes his way through more and more Pokémon as he trains along one of the trails he was walking he finds a little injured  rockruff “r-rocruf” it cry’s so he takes him to a pokècenter to get it  healed up he try’s to leave the rockruff but it started to whimper so he Decides to let him stay.

Travis keeps going along the way Travis encounters a rare Pokémon “it’s a Axew” he yells 

“but it’s not a normal one it’s blue and black!!! I have to catch it.”

-The battle starts 

“Let’s go rockruff!” Travis says *Travis throws out rockruff* 

“Axeewewew” it yells as it uses dragon claw 


it hits rockruff and he falls to the ground and counters it with rollout “Rrrrruff”it yells 

Rockruff learns bite 

axew then starts charging up dragon claw but rockruff rollouts behind him 

and then bites him in the back of the head and grabs on his horn and pulled axew to the ground “It’s time!!”Travis yells then he throws a poke ball it wiggles once... twice...three time and it dings “Yes we got it!” Travis says then Travis goes on to train.

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