My awesome life as a Pokèmon

Hi I’m Zane a ten year old starting my Pokémon journey just like every ten year old in alola and I herd that the league Champion (your Character) traveled threw time and space and battle the two legendary Pokémon I’m really looking forward to battleing them but that’s not my true goal,I really wanna fill then Pokédex anyway enough talk read the story


3. A new friend-Zane

“Heh ok” Zane says “Frokie use bubble!” Zane says it has little effect on Turtwig 

Turtwig then uses tackle but frokie dodges it Zane thinks to himself (I’m good)Travis once more tells Turtwig to use tackle and it hits frokie then uses bubble agin “you know  that attack isn’t that effective on my Turtwig.”Travis says Zane grunts and tells frokie to use tackle “Dodge!!” Travis says Zane hears Travis murmur something  to himself then Travis  yells out “Use razor leaf Turtwig!!!” It’s a direct hit and frokie faints 

Travis smirks and walks away 

“Dang it”Zane says “I still can’t catch up I’ll be stronger next time type advantage won’t matter” and with that Zane sets out on his adventure   5hours later

“Ugh I’ve been here for hours and not one Pokèmon,well except for you”Zane complains “Efro”Frokie agrees just then Frokie hears something “where being followed”Zane says “use your frubbles on that bush”Zane whispers “Frrrrroooookie”Frokie cry’s as he throws the foam on his back at the bush,something jumps out...A wild Riolu appears “Ri Ri”it says as it uses multiple force palm on Frokie “Doge it”Zane says “use bubble” instead it starts to rain “wow nice when did you learn rain dance?”Zane asks,Frokie shrugs Riolu sees this as an opportunity to strike and uses force palm and it hits Frokie hard,Frokie falls to the ground but is still able to move the rain falls on him and he’s instantly healed “You just keep surprising me how!?”Zane says  “Zzt I can answer that Zzt”an a Robotic voice says “Who and where are you?” Zane’s bag starts to move un till  what looked like a tablet that had arms floating in mid air not connected to the “body” “Who and what are you”Zane asks “ZztI’m rotomdex and how your Frokie just healed,it’s ability is water absorb that means when ever it comes in contact with water it absorbs it and turns it into energy Zzt” rotomdex says Zane “alright,now we’ve got something to use against Travis and tutwig” Zane celebrates “anyway Riolu,Frokie use cut” “Efro” Frokie nods as he shapes a dagger made of pure energy shapes and slashes Riolu “Ri” Riolu says hurt  

Zane holds out a Pokèball “I know we didn’t have a real battle I know you were holding back and ya see there’s this guy I really wanna beat and lost to him in are first battle I want to makes sure that never happens again so please,join me”Zane asks with a smile Riolu turns away “ok just stay safe” Zane says as he walks away with another smile 

“Riolu”Riolu cry’s as he runs after Zane touching the Pokèball on his belt.









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