If I don't

"Luke, stop" I whispered. He got so close to me, my back soon hit my locker. My body devoured his touch as his hand wrapped around my waist.
"I can't"
"Just try" I whispered in his ears. "Babe, I want to do ya, and I'll lose it if I don't" And with that, he left...


4. Wakey Wakey..…

Ali pov

i woke up in the hospital and groaned. Everything hurt and I didn't dare move.

Until they came in.

Luke and the guy who ran into me walked in. "Hi I'm Michael and I'm SO SO sorry for running into you cause I didn't mean to and I feel SO SO  bad cause you have a really pretty face and I made you get cuts an scars on it SO SO SORRY" he rambled

i smiled and whispered "it's ok" and grabbed his hand. I then looks at Luke and he said "I was forced to come" he said bitterly . Gee, thanks for the sympathy. Michael is so cute! And Luke was an ass...how are they friends? 

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