If I don't

"Luke, stop" I whispered. He got so close to me, my back soon hit my locker. My body devoured his touch as his hand wrapped around my waist.
"I can't"
"Just try" I whispered in his ears. "Babe, I want to do ya, and I'll lose it if I don't" And with that, he left...


2. School mistake

Ali POV 

I was listening to All Time Low while I'm getting ready for school. I wear a pair of ripped ash washed jean and a You Complete Mess tank top ( jut google it). I put on my silver dangling earring and white converse. I had just gotten a lip piercing the other day, and it looks awesome. I went downstair after I finished getting ready and made breakfast and secretly let my dog out of her cage.

"Mom will kill me if she saw this,but I'm feeling really nice today" 

Mandy is a yellow lab with blue eyes. She's  the best dog in the world. I filled up her food and water bowl then left for school. It was a hairy drive, so I got a berry refresher from Starbucks and went on my way. I had finished drinking it as soon as I got to the school and parked my car.  I slipped my sunglasses over my head as I grabbed my backpack out of the backseat and went into Adelaide Central High School.  

I walked in , grabbed my schedule from the office and then made the biggest mistake of my life.

I ran straight into Luke Hemmings. 



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