If I don't

"Luke, stop" I whispered. He got so close to me, my back soon hit my locker. My body devoured his touch as his hand wrapped around my waist.
"I can't"
"Just try" I whispered in his ears. "Babe, I want to do ya, and I'll lose it if I don't" And with that, he left...


3. Ouch

Ali POV 

"Oh! I'm so sorr-" I began

"Watch where you're going you little slut!" The voice came from the girl he had his arms arounds shoulders.

"Hey! I was trying to apologise for running into you bitch!" I shoved her and went on my way.

"YOU BETTER SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN" I heard her boy yell. I rolled my eyes and went to home room.

*skip boring  classes*

The last bell finally rang and I was able to go home! I grabbed my backpack and ran outside. 

"Hey wait!" I heard a girl yell behind me. She had strawberry blonde hair and freckles. "Hi I'm McKinley but call me M.K. I saw how you stood up to our school bullys this morning! You must have a lot of nerve!" 

"Oh thanks. I don't let people treat me or others like that" I replied

"But watch out because her boyfriend Luke can make your life miserable. "

"Thanks for the warning M.K. Catch you tomorrow?" I asked

"Sure! Bye!" 

I waved at her and got into my car. I sighed and started the car when someone's car  into me from the front! I screamed and the steering wheel smashed my face. My whole bod was in pain and I felt the blood trinkle down my face. A boy with red hair and wide eyes dart out of his car. 


Everything was starting to go blurry and I got really dizzy.

"Hold on! We've almost got you!" My eyes flutters to stay open as I felt hands unbuckle me and wrap around me to pull me out. I then had a sharp pain in my sides and he picked me up and winced.

"It's ok I've got you" I heard him say. 

And then everything went black and the last thing I hear is

"I'm Michael and I'm so sorry"





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