If I don't

"Luke, stop" I whispered. He got so close to me, my back soon hit my locker. My body devoured his touch as his hand wrapped around my waist.
"I can't"
"Just try" I whispered in his ears. "Babe, I want to do ya, and I'll lose it if I don't" And with that, he left...


1. Intro


I moved away from Texas to Australia because of my dad, and he has a transfer job in his business place! If I want to stay in Texas, then I told my father, but he said to me that's too late. He got a job from last week. Australia was the hottest place more than my hometown. My name is Ali Maine. I have a little sister named Laney who is 5. I want to be a singer/songwriter. I went to the shopping centre in Sydney, and I saw that there have a lot of people on the beach, eating ice cream, or having a lot of fun because it's last day of the summer vacation. Cos there will have a school tomorrow, and I'm just here for grabbing my school stuff like pencil, pen or something. It was getting me annoying to go through a lot of cowards in the shopping centre. 

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